Maybe this time a ghost story will have a happy ending.
It's hard to make a good first impression when you're headed for your last.
You can't have it all. You can have pizza.
No one promised me a happy ending. They promised me a story.
If you love someone, you should tell them. If they're dead, you should tell the world.
I'd rather live in a world where I'm a monster than live in a world where you're dead.
Everything looks like the end of the world when you're just standing there waiting to die.
There's no such thing as a perfect world. It's man made after all.
I'm beginning to think I didn't love you as much as I wanted to.
The worst part of being an adult is that your mistakes don't wash off in the shower.
We are an ocean of people and you can't always see the bottom.
Life is hard. It's harder if you're stupid.
Everyone's got a bomb going off in their soul. Each day it goes off at a different time.
Six degrees of separation isn't enough. I need more.
I never thought it was fair that only the living could be scared.
If you take care of yourself like you take care of the world. You're fucked.
I'd say life is a journey but i never want to go anywhere again.
He had been famous for a long time before anyone knew his name.
It's not that hard to believe in an afterlife. It's just hard to believe you'll be in it.
Money is such an ugly way to keep score.
You don't learn to be a friend. You just become one when you aren't paying attention.

now go away